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Dermcare Aloveen Conditioner 100mL (3.38 oz)

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Dermcare Aloveen Conditioner 100mL (3.38 oz)
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Experience the ultimate care for your pet's skin and coat with Aloveen Conditioner, meticulously crafted with oatmeal extracts in an Aloe Vera gel base. This conditioner is the ideal complement to Aloveen Shampoo, working in tandem to provide a comprehensive and soothing grooming experience. The unique blend harnesses the anti-itch properties of oatmeal, making Aloveen a trusted choice for promoting skin health.

Aloveen Oatmeal Intensive Conditioner is designed to cleanse the skin and effortlessly detangle the coat, leaving your pet's fur silky, smooth, and manageable. Elevate your pet's grooming routine with the soothing and nourishing effects of Aloveen Conditioner, ensuring a healthy and happy coat for your beloved companion.

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