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Wahl Whitening Shampoo Concentrate 300ml (10.14 oz)

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Wahl Whitening Shampoo Concentrate 300ml (10.14 oz)
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Introducing Wahl's Whitening Shampoo, a specialized formula featuring less than 1% color enhancer, dedicated to making whites whiter and colors brighter. The rich lather of this shampoo effectively deep cleans dirt and environmental residues that can dull your dog's coat. With an easy rinse, this shampoo leaves your dog's coat clean, silky, and smooth. Embracing plant-based cleansers, Wahl's Shampoo is the preferred choice for owners seeking a gentle and chemical-free solution for both themselves and their dogs.

Key Features:
- White Pear: Our brightening formula is infused with White Pear, working to enhance the color of your dog's coat and bring out the brilliance in whites.
- Pet-Friendly Formula: Wahl prioritizes the well-being of your pet with a pH-balanced, Paraben & Alcohol-Free shampoo, ensuring a gentle and safe bathing experience.
- Concentrated Formula: With a generously sized 700ml bottle of highly concentrated shampoo, a small amount goes a long way, providing both cost savings and fewer trips to the store.
- Healthy Skin, Healthy Coat: Recognizing that a healthy coat originates from healthy skin, the Whitening Shampoo creates a thick lather, promoting overall skin and coat health during every wash.

Elevate your dog's grooming experience with Wahl's Whitening Shampoo, offering a natural and effective solution for maintaining a vibrant and beautifully conditioned coat.

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