Revolution for Cats 5.1-15 lbs (2.6-7.5 kg) - Blue 12 Doses with 2 Extra Doses

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Revolution is a safe and simple monthly topical medication used to protect your pet from heartworms, fleas, and ear mites. It also protects dogs from ticks and sarcoptic mange and cats from roundworms and hookworms.

Revolution for Dogs and Cats


  • Dogs (6 weeks of age or older and no weight requirement)
  • Cats (8 weeks of age or older and no weight requirement)


  • Protects your pet from heartworms and fleas
  • Fights both internal and surface parasitic infections
  • Treats Sarcoptic mange in dogs
  • Treats and controls ear mites
  • Controls American Dog Tick infestation
  • Treats and controls roundworms and hookworms in cats
  • Only administered once a month
  • Safe and easy to use

How it works: 

Revolution works by penetrating the skin and entering your pet's bloodstream. Concentrations of selamectin, the active ingredient, in the tissue and bloodstream prevent heartworm disease. Selamectin also redistributes into the skin from the bloodstream and kills adult fleas, American dog ticks, and ear mites, and prevents flea eggs from hatching. It is also an anthelmintic, which means it fights to expel parasitic worms. Parasites ingest the drug when they feed on the animal's blood. Revolution is safe for pregnant and lactating pets.

119 Reviews

Noel 4th Mar 2020


This is a steal at the price they offer! My vet wanted over $65 for 3 doses, so getting over a years worth for just $109 is a steal! It works amazing! Same dosage/results as the one you buy right from the vet. My rabbit has been ear mite free and my wallet fuller! Thank you for offering this at such an affordable price!

Ella 27th Feb 2020

revolution for cats

Very pleased with delivery and products received from this company. Vet prices are outrageous for something that used to be available over the counter; plus they charge a fee for an exam, try to guilt you to 'test' although pet has no symptoms and not needed. Thank you to Discount Pet Medication for putting pets first over profits.

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