Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Small Dogs 15" collar length (Australian Packaging)

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The Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Small Dogs & Puppies (up to 18 pounds) offers a breakthrough in tick and flea control for dogs for 8 months.

Inside the unique polymer matrix of the Seresto collar are two active ingredients: imidacloprid, which has been used in products recommended by veterinarians for years to control flea infestations, and flumethrin, which effectively repels and kills ticks, larvae and nymphs.

These ingredients work together in this unique flea collar to provide dual action against fleas and ticks like no other treatment!

This is a metric labelled pack intended for sale in the UK and Ireland, due to a manufacturer restriction this item isn't available for shipping to the United States

Key Benefits

  • Flea collar for dogs 7 weeks or older up to 18 pounds
  • Kills fleas and repels and kills ticks
  • Repels ticks to prevent transfer of organisms that cause disease
  • Non-greasy, odorless and easy to use
  • Water-resistant protection
  • No need to remember monthly applications
  • 15-inch adjustable collar length

2 Reviews

Gayle Mayberry 5th Aug 2018

It Works

I’ve used this collar on my greyhounds; it is currently the only flea collar recommended for that breed. This time I bought one for my 16-YO jack Russell. She has not had any problems with it thus far. The Australian version is identical to the United States version.

Kimberly 21st May 2018

Seresto small dog,flea collar

Let me first say on the pricing I saved about $20.00 so that was great I waited,a bit for delivery but not to bad considering where the product came from as for the product itsewaited lf at first I thought my little dog would not be able to use this product because the first time I put it on him he didn't do so well he got really lethargic and even threw up so I took it off of him did not bathed him waited 3 or 4 days tried it again he seemed to be fine this time no issues he does have a history of seizures but seems to be doing great without the fleas

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